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My name is Anne Lassoudry, a former professional classical dancer, trained at the Royal Ballet School in England and graduated at La Scala di Milano, Italy. In my carrier I worked with important international dance companies.


After retiring from the scene, I moved to Riehen, in the Canton of Basel Stadt, a green municipality which has always been sensitive to integration and environmental and cultural issues.


Here I created « Ballet Riehen », a classical dance school that in four years has grown from a small neighbourhood reality to a consistent community of over 120 students. It is now time to enlarge our premises in order to accomodate more students and offer more diversified courses in different dancing styles.


The strong interest shown by the local community, together with the crucial need to have an implemented and exclusive space equipped for dance, have given us the courage, despite the difficult period we have to go through, to open a « Riehen Dance Centre », aiming to training, aggregation and promotion of the art of dance in all its forms.


In our Centre various courses will be available, with graduate teachers ranging from classical, modern, contemporary, jazz and street dance. Different events will enliven these activities, with international guests, workshops, performances, shows and other initiatives intended to introduce all citizens to a better knowledge of this art.


The centre will be equipped with spaces for training, changing rooms, an area specially intended to receive visitors, families or parents, with the necessary comfort and, above all, to facilitate a prominent aggregation of our community.


Thanks to different intelligent architectural solutions, these spaces will also be easily

converted to host any kind of events related to dance.


After having being in search for a long time, we have found a structure in Riehen with the requested characteristics for our project. : a commercial building in the centre of the village, with a large open area, easily accessible by train, bus and of course on foot, as its location is a few tens of meters from the central square.


The works for renovation and modification have already started. We expect the centre to be activated as early as the beginning of January 2021. 

Work in Progress...

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